'After-the-fact' pipeline hearing scheduled

Aug 21, 2013

Under normal circumstances, the Public Service Commission holds hearings on proposed projects – like natural gas pipelines.

But the Commission will be holding a siting hearing “after the fact.”

In 2008, Hiland Operating, LLC built a 6.5 mile natural gas line in Divide and Burke Counties. It did so without a permit.

"They thought it was a gathering line," said Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak. "Under the definition, it does not require a permit. But it's clearly a transmission line."

Fedorchak says the company realized its mistake – and asked for a hearing on the pipeline corridor and route – after the fact.

"Even though this pipeline is already in place -- and they've gone out and inspected it -- the company has to show the PSC hbow the land has been reclaimed," said Fedorchak. "We can go in and make sure everything was done correctly, and keep the company on the hook for anything that still needs to be done to put the land back in proper order."

That hearing will be held October 8th in Tioga.