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BSC Presidential search committee establishes timeline

Oct 31, 2019

A search committee has begun its work, as it looks for a new President for Bismarck State College.

Current President Dr. Larry Skogen will be retiring next June.

The committee has started work on a job description, based on comments received at a number of “listening sessions.”

The co-chairs of the search committee -- Board of Higher Education member Tim Mihalick and BSC Vice-President for Academic Affairs Dr. Dan Leingang -- say they believe there will be a lot of interest in the position.

"We want the best person for Bismarck State College," Leingang said. "She -- or he -- will have to move forward with the campus. Can they jump in and keep that momentum moving forward?"

Mihalick said a lot of things going on at BSC are exciting.

"We talk about the 'polytechnic' part of the search," Mihalick said. "That's a very exciting part of what's happening in our country. As that's identified, we're going to see a lot of people that want that opportunity."

BSC is changing its mission to become a 'polytechnic' institution, meaning it will offer specific "Bachelor of Applied Science" degrees.

The committee will not be hiring an outside search firm. Leingang said when Skogen was hired, the search was done in-house.

The tentative timeline is to open applications Nov. 20th. The committee will meet again at the end of January to reduce that number. A round of interviews done electronically will happen in February, and the committee will choose six candidates to come to BSC for in-person visits in March. The committee plans to forward three finalists for the Board of Higher Education to consider at its March 26th meeting.