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Fargo homicide suspects charged with murder

Jun 10, 2019

Two men have been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the death of Jason Halvorson in Fargo last Friday.

Kareem Byrd, Charles Harris
Credit Fargo Police Department

Officers responded to gunshots near downtown Fargo early last Friday morning and found Halvorson, who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to Sanford Hospital where he died. Responding officers arrested Kareem Byrd, Jr. and Charles Harris III on a traffic stop, after they were identified as suspects. Two guns were recovered from the vehicle, one of which matched the shell casings found at the scene. An autopsy later performed matched the bullets to the gun. Byrd told police he and Harris were involved in a verbal confrontation with Halvorson before returning with firearms, and that both he and Harris fired multiple rounds at Halvorson. Harris claimed to police he was not involved in the shooting.

Byrd and Harris were both arraigned in Fargo Monday afternoon.