Hotel hot tub in Casselton linked to cases of Legionnaire's disease now open

Apr 10, 2019

The hot tub at the Days Inn in Casselton is now open for public use.

After three positive cases of Legionnaire's disease back in February, an investigation determined all three had stayed at the Days Inn in Casselton. Michelle Dethloff (det-loff) is program manager in the division of disease control for the North Dakota Department of Health. She says the hot tub was closed while it was drained and sanitized, and several tests have proven it to be free of the bacteria that causes Legionnaire's disease.

"That bacteria hasn't been found in there after some negative testing, so then with consultations with Fargo Cass Public Health and then also working with the hotel water park, that spa is now open. But there is going to be continued testing for the next several months."

Dethloff says Legionnaire's disease is a bacterial infection that can cause pneumonia. She says it is not spread from person to person, but can be transmitted by water sources that have specific conditions to grow the bacteria.