Money going out to rural water projects

Feb 14, 2013

It is the second “fast-tracked” spending bill of the session.

The state Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill to appropraite money for some rural water projects, Under it, $10 million will go to three projects – Stutsman County rural water, the North Central rural water consortium and the McLean-Sheridan rural water project. Another $21 million would go to the Southwest Pipeline project.

Fast tracking the bill means bids can be opened soon – and construction could start this spring.

Sen. Terry Wanzek (R-Jamestown)  says people have been waiting a long time for good water.

"One lady told us how, since 1991, she's been told a number of times how rural water was coming to them soon," said Wanzek. "She told us she recently remodeled her kitchen, 3-4 years ago, and with the promise that rural water was coming, she put in a new dishwasher. She has yet to use her new dishwasher."

The Senate vote was 43 to 4. Once the Governor signs it, the money can be spent.

The other “fast-tracked” bill was a transportation funding bill.