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Little Stories

The North Dakota Council on the Arts documented how quickly artists and communities across the state pivoted during the pandemic to make sure art was central to new ways of gathering. Hear reports of how it went in these Little Stories.

Special thanks to staff Rebecca Engelman and Troyd Geist for jumping at the chance to alter current NDCA programs, keeping artists employed, seniors engaged, and families/communities involved.   Funded by the North Dakota Council on the Arts.  

Parking Lot Easter Service with the Waddingtons

Sep 24, 2020
Courtey of Seth Waddington

The North Dakota Council on the Arts set out to identify stories of people in the Arts responding creatively the challenges of the Covid-19 epidemic.  They ended up calling the reports "Little Stories".  Here is one. 

Parking Lot Music Aids Easter Service

By: Matthew Musacchia

The Burleigh County Senior Center was faced with how to program for seniors in a pandemic -- writing poems inspired by memories turned out to be not only doable but a great project.  Lisa Bennett (Senior center staff) reads three of the poems for us, and we hear an evocative description from Alicia Underlee Nelson, who interviewed several participants (her report is also below).