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Lungs in the Pulpit


The National Anti-Tuberculosis Assn. was founded in 1904; the ND affiliate started up soon after, and the tuberculosis sanatorium was built at Dunseith. This date in 1911 was set aside as Tuberculosis Sunday, during which ND pastors and priests in every pulpit explained tuberculosis to their congregations… the symptoms, how it spread, and how it could be treated. One in three people, mostly poor, had TB – just as it is today in third world nations. In fact, TB remains the number-one worldwide killer of women in their childbearing years.

Dr. Herbert Wilson dealt with an early day TB crisis at Ft. Berthold. At that time, the ND Tuberculosis and Health Assn. took part in an epidemiology study of two of Wilson’s infant patients stricken with tubercular meningitis. The experience caused Dr. Wilson to remain involved with the group, which is now called the American Lung Association.

Written by Merry Helm

Source: RESULTS: The Power to End Hunger (http://www.results.org/website/article.asp?id=3); Dr. Herbert Wilson, personal correspondence, 2005