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Mylo Hatzenbuhler, humor


Ladies and Gentlemen... Mylo Hatzenbuhler!

Yesterday was the 10-year anniversary of the debut of “I’m Big-Time Now!” a CD by Mylo Hatzenbuhler – who is known to his followers as the “Strasburg Superstar.”

Mylo is a “fourth-generation fictional farm-boy who lives with his fictional wife and family on a farm – as he puts it, “eight miles east of Strasburg and a half.” Mylo and his wife, Emma, are the creations of Clyde Bauman, a professional musician and entertainer from Bismarck.

Mylo Hatzenbuhler was born on a hot day in August to Alma and Reinie Hatzenbuhler, the second of five children. He says that he grew up just a normal, humble farm kid until that fateful day: “The news came over the school loudspeaker,” Mylo says, “that Elvis Parsley had died. I was only 15 at the time, but I remember like it was yesterday; I turned to my 5th-grade teacher and said, ‘The world needs me.’”

Since that day, Mylo has, as he puts it, “gone on to extinguish myself in the musical world.” He has successfully juggled farming, his rock star career and his marriage to Emma Schwartzenbauer-Hatzenbuhler. So far, the couple has appeared in 17 states and performs throughout the year, except during calving season, when the cows need Emma’s womanly touch.

Mylo says they are both 100% German from Russia. In Mylo’s own words, he says, “In the spring of 1910, my great-grandparents came to this country on a boat, went to the Statue of Liberty and got made natural, then got on another boat and sailed up the Mississippi River to St. Louis, where they bought a covered wagon and went north with the other Germans in the group. They went as far as they could,” Mylo continues, “and when the weather turned that fall, that’s where they stopped and stayed. They turned the wagon upside-down and heaped dirt up around it for insulation (because fiberglass doesn't grow in North Dakota), cut a hole in the floor for the stovepipe, and that was their home their first winter in North Dakota.”

Mylo met Emma at a concert he was giving in Hot Springs, South Dakota.

It was love at first sight, and, as Mylo puts it, “I knew she was the one for me. Now we've been married for twenty years – ten for me, ten for her.”

Of Hatzenbuhler’s daughter, Mylo says, “We named her Beulah, because I gave a concert in Beulah the night she was born. It was good timing, because the night before, I was in Zap.”

Mylo has a very busy schedule, saying, “I'm so busy that wherever I go, someone wants me somewhere else.” At his last event, he said, “The promoters must be anxious to see how I did, because they said they can’t wait for me to get done.”

Now, in celebration of Mylo’s debut 10 years ago, here’s another selection from his CD.

For Mylo’s upcoming performances, go to "http://www.farmboy.com/" www.farmboymusic.com .

Written by Merry Helm