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What started out as a squabble over a girl, ended up in a case over spilt cream. The Regent Times reported on the incident today in 1920. According to the Times, Alex Dinius went to John Matz’ door and called him out to settle the affair. When Matz came to the door, Dinius grabbed him. Matz pulled away, causing Dinius to pull his gun.

Dinius fired eight or nine shots, but all he could hit was a can of cream. Again, Dinius grabbed at Matz. Then, the Times reported, “Mr. Dinius did the very best he knew in wiping up the cream from the floor with Mr. Matz’s anatomy.”

Meanwhile, Matz’s father was literally caught with his pants down. The Times reported he couldn’t find pants, “and he could not join in the festivities until he had them on.” Dinius escaped, but a search followed. The Times said Matz’s charges against Dinius were “Shooting holes in a can of cream worth 57 cents a pound and then mopping it up with his rival.”

By Tessa Sandstrom


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