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Corporal Lohman Baily


Sometimes having the most isn’t as important as how fast you are.

On this date in 1944 the Fargo Forum reported that while on a reconnaissance patrol, four American GI’s took on twelve German Nazis on the famous Maginot Line during WWII. One of those GI’s was Corporal Lohman Baily of Jamestown, ND.

Near Merlebach, France, the twelve Germans, some carrying bazookas, were looking to take one of the pillboxes along the line. The small American patrol also wanted the pillbox. Outnumbered three-to-one, Corporal Baily and his three buddies saw them coming and opened fire.

Their firing continued until the last German was cut down.

Lt. George Rork, the boys’ commander replied afterward, “We didn’t get there with the mostest, but we got there the fustest.”

By Dave Seifert

The Fargo Forum, Saturday Evening, December 9, 1944. pg. 4