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Egg Laying


East-West rivalries in North Dakota are common in events such as hockey, but on this date in 1922, it was egg laying. A flock numbering one hundred and forty-six Red River Valley chickens was heralded for laying eight hundred and eighty eggs in the month of February. But George Day of Brittin in Burleigh County said they must be sitting down on the job. His sixty-three Columbia Wyandotte chickens produced six hundred and forty-five eggs in the same month, and a flock of seventy had produced nine hundred and seventy-two eggs the month before. While the Valley hens averaged only six eggs each, Mr. Day’s hens produced 10 to 13. So, the East may dominate in hockey, but you have to come out West for a plentiful supply of meringues—that’s no yoke.

Dakota Datebook written by Jim Davis

The Bismarck Tribune March 15, 1922