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Round-up Reward


During the summer of 1902, the city of Lakota had a problem. Stray cows, horses, pigs, oxen, and mules grazing on lawns had become a nuisance, and the city’s pound featured a growing number of the barnyard animals. The city’s new schoolyard, built only two years before, also suffered from the grazing. R. L. Metcalf, member of the Lakota School Board and president of the North Dakota Grain Dealers Association, announced that the animals had caused nearly $200 in damages so far, and announced a reward of 25¢ for each animal apprehended. Heeding the call and anxious to claim the reward, school boys across the city were busy rounding up the stray animals on this date in 1902.

Dakota Datebook written by Jayme L. Job


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