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July 2, 2023: Food Fight

Sunday, July 2, at 5pm:

Food Fight

This time of year, with the flags and bunting, flipping burgers on the grill… it tends to get us thinking about what exactly it means to be American.

There are a lot of answers to that question. But one we don’t often explore has to do with those burgers, or pad thai… whatever you might find on your plate… and what those things have to do with our national security.

In this special from Things That Go Boom, Inkstick Media, and PRX: Two stories about food, family, and the choices our government makes in our name.

The US Secret War turned many Southeast Asians into refugees. Now their kids are keeping that story alive.

But first, we meet one of the one-in-four military families dealing with hunger, even as they serve our country.

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