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Colin Zasadny on "Magic Through Time," Medora, and learning magic
"Every kid, at some point, has some kind of interest in magic ... I just never grew out of that phase."

Twenty-year-old magician Colin Zasadny of Anamosa, Iowa, performs five days a week this summer in Medora.

His show, Magic Through Time, is fitting for a place like Medora: "It's a magic show, but it takes place in different time periods. There's some in the present, there's some in the 1800s — the Old West, here in Medora — and some 100 years in the future."

In this bonus segment from The Great American Folk Show, Colin speaks with host Tom Brosseau about his show, how he learned magic, his mentor and "Medora legend" Bill Sorensen, and his family’s history of performing.


Magic Through Time runs through September 11 at Medora's Old Town Hall Theater. Find more information here.

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