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New performing arts center brings live music to Northwood, North Dakota

In 2007, a tornado swept through Northwood, North Dakota, killing one person and injuring many others. Some of the town was completely leveled, including the school. Surrounding communities — Aneta, Thompson, McVille, Grand Forks, Reynolds, and more — came together to help Northwood rebuild.

Since then, Northwood has a new school with an attached 406-seat auditorium, which has seen performances from regional and national acts such as Lorie Line, Amy Lee, Robby Vee, John C. Reilly, The Waddington Brothers, and The Fabulous Armadillos.

Tom Brosseau visited Northwood to speak with JoAnne Uglem and Judy Engen, who are part of the Northwood Performing Arts Council. Listen to their conversation above, as they discuss how the new auditorium has impacted the community.

This segment is from The Great American Folk Show: Episode 70. Find new episodes every Saturday at 5pm.

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