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Throwing Rocks: Minot Curling Club

Minot Curling Club
Minot Curling Club
Minot Curling Club

North Dakota’s official state sport, curling, used to be BYOR – "Bring Your Own Rocks." Up until the mid to late ‘40s, players had to bring their own curling rocks before a club would provide them.

When you’re inside the Minot Curling Club, it won’t take long to notice a large wooden crate that houses two heavy stones engraved with the name “W.S. Shaw.” Shaw was the mayor of Minot in 1918, who had his personal curling stones engraved with his name.

The club is one of the oldest in the state, and today it’s at its fourth location. Over the years, flooding, a fire, and shifting ground forced a change in venues. But the club has continued to thrive, and welcomes new curlers each year.

In this segment of Throwing Rocks, Tom Brosseau visits the Minot Curling Club to talk with Mark Hildahl, who serves as treasurer and has been part of the club for 62 years. Listen to their conversation above.

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