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Uplifted is a podcast a blog and a journey, from stories of adversity to new insights for a better life. Think of it as mindfulness taken off the mat and put into practice. Each short episode begins with a story of a personal challenge that, through awareness, leads to new insights and calmer, more positive ways of responding.


So, when people or situations provoke us, we can react less reflexively and more thoughtfully. Elements of meditation, lessons from wisdom leaders, music, interviews, and readings are all part of the mix.


Listen to Uplifted on your favorite podcast platform, or the Uplifted website.


About the host
Meg Luther Lindholm is an audio producer who lives in Fargo, N.D. by way of Brooklyn N.Y. She has produced several multimedia projects on bullying in schools, North Dakota’s criminal justice system, and high-risk drinking. Being at home with her kids during this time of COVID inspired her to create Uplifted.