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  • It is deer season in North Dakota. There were more than 72,000 deer gun permits available in 2021, more than 64,000 in 2022, and around 53,000 this fall. The number of permits varies, of course, due to changes in the populations.
  • With deer season quickly approaching, conversations increasingly turn to all things deer. And one of the commonly discussed topics is when the “rut,” or breeding season, will occur and what causes it.
  • Deer gun season started Friday. No doubt antlers will be the topic of much conversation, some of it even true, whether it is about the one that got away,…
  • Deer gun season is over, but the bow and black powder seasons are not over. And the deer hunting talk amongst hunters and others this time of year often…
  • On this date in 1922, hunters greeted the beginning of deer season. Or, rather, they were supposed to. Initially, some had greeted it earlier in the…