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Meteor Shower

  • If you like to watch falling stars, this next month or so is a good time to see them. The Lyrids meteor shower will start soon, and it overlaps with the Eta Aquarids meteor shower. Between the two, the show will run to the end of May.
  • Heads up! With a little help from clear nighttime skies and warm temperatures, this month could be a great time to watch for falling stars. There are two meteor showers coming up.
  • Have you noticed any falling stars recently? The Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower started on July 12 and will run through August 23. The peak viewing period is this weekend (July 29-30), with perhaps twenty meteors per hour.
  • We had a new moon earlier this week, on April 20. So, with the darkened night sky, it is a good time to do some stargazing. Plus, we have the Lyrids Meteor Shower running through April 25.
  • The Orionid Meteor Shower is putting on its annual show now. It started on October 2 and will go to November 7. The shower will peak on the evening of October 21 and early morning hours of the 22 with perhaps twenty or so meteors per hour. We are fortunate to have a crescent moon during the peak viewing period, so if the sky is clear, we could be in for a good show.
  • If you like to watch meteor showers, the next few weeks could be a real treat. That is because the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower has already begun, and the Perseids Meteor Shower will overlap with it.
  • It is time to be on the lookout for falling stars, or should I say meteors for the next few weeks. That is because the Lyrid Meteor Shower, annually runs from April 16-25. The peak viewing period will come on the evening of April 22 and early morning of April 23 with perhaps 20 or so meteors per hour. The moon is going to interfere with some of the more faint meteors during the peak viewing period, but if the sky is clear, it will be worth taking a look.
  • You may want to check for clear skies the evenings of October 6-10. That is because the Draconids Meteor Shower will be putting on its annual show. It is not one of the better meteor showers, but if we have comfortable temperatures and the skies are clear, it is worth checking out.
  • There is a new moon on November 15! And, if the sky is clear over the next week or so, the dark sky should make for good conditions to see falling stars.…
  • If you have been seeing some falling stars in the last few days it is probably because we are into perhaps the best meteor shower of the year. The earth…