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Steve Stark

  • June 6, 1944 is singular for the most memorable and significant event in the heritage of nations. In United States and world history, the day will always be known as D-Day.
  • The usually calm meeting of the U.S. House Agriculture Committee, held this week in 2000, turned into a dangerous and potentially violent row. Earl Pomeroy, the Representative from North Dakota, was one of the participants. As the committee was holding a hearing about trade relations with China, the event was suddenly interrupted by an angry and violent member of the audience.
  • On this date in 1910, the News of the North section of the Fargo Forum included another example of community cooperation. “Neighbors Put in Widow’s Crop,” the headline began, followed by “Kindhearted North Dakotans Come to Rescue of Unfortunate Woman.” It was a story out of Goodrich, North Dakota, where neighbors came to help Mrs. L. Anderson.
  • This week in 1910 was a typical day for readers of the Fargo Forum and the Daily Republican.
  • “A City Displaced” was the tragic headline in the Fargo Forum on this date in 1997. Residents of Grand Forks were struggling with ravages of the horrific flood that shocked the city and caused emergency evacuations from home and hearth. Both flood and fire had brutally attacked city residents who only hours earlier had been warm, dry and safe.
  • One of America’s favorite inventors helped set a standard for home entertainment and the entire future of musical appreciation. As the Smithsonian Magazine observed, Thomas Edison’s 1877 invention of the phonograph changed music forever.
  • Forum newspaper readers on this date in 1910 were teased by bargains in downtown Fargo that appear amazing by today’s standards.
  • Under the familiar bold headline of “News of the North,” readers of the Fargo Forum and Daily Republican in February of 1910 saw quite a variety of content. An advertisement recommended “Give your stomach a vacation with Stewarts Dyspepsia Tablets.” There was also a lengthy column titled “The Sunday School Lesson.
  • This week in 1924 the nation was awakened to the shocking news that former President Woodrow Wilson had died. The banner headline in the Fargo Forum included “Death ends career of noted American.”
  • Today’s regular hard news outlets are, sadly, primed with COVID events and lawbreaking. Back in 1944, The war was the news.