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Germans From Russia

Mylo Hatzenbuhler

Mar 22, 2021


Ladies and Gentlemen… Mylo Hatzenbuhler!

On this date in 1994, came the debut of “I’m Big-Time Now!” a CD by Mylo Hatzenbuhler – who is known as the “Strasburg Superstar.”

I Still Have It in My Memory

Feb 9, 2021

Folk songs sung in the Germans-from-Russia dialect continues in the heart and mind of traditionalists like 94-year old John Gross, patriarch of the Young German Singers of southcentral North Dakota, and mentor to fellow folk singers Joe Gross, Andy Gross, Joe Johs, and Gaylynn Becker.

Lawrence Welk was, in some ways, North Dakota’s first celebrity. The famous bandleader was born on his German-speaking family’s homestead near Strasburg in 1903, but his dreams of music led him away from North Dakota. Welk worked and played local dances for four years to repay his father $400 for his first accordion. He left North Dakota at age 21 and pursued professional music, growing in popularity as his career progressed, playing dances, ballrooms and resorts, then to television and the long-running “Lawrence Welk Show.”

Here are a couple of things that seem far apart, but in my mind, there is a connection.

We are recently returned from a research expedition to the high dry interior of New Zealand, where we spent time with people who have established a world-class wine industry in former sheep paddocks. Marketing is crucial to them, marketing not only their vintage but also the land in which it is made.

The Remembrancer

Dec 1, 2018

My friend Ron Vossler, in Wishek, says some of his neighbors consider him a Judas. I think he is, rather, what is known historically as a remembrancer.

“Remembrancer” was a formal title conferred on certain figures in British legal and political affairs, someone designated to remind officials of their debts and obligations. Remembrancers were not popular.