Fargo lawmaker wants to end ND's 'blue laws' on Sunday opening

Jan 11, 2017

A state lawmaker wants to allow North Dakota retail stores to be open any time they want on a Sunday.

Right now, retailers can’t open their doors until noon Sundays.

Rep. Pam Anderson (D-Fargo) said her bill would strip away the remainder of North Dakota’s “blue laws.”  Anderson says it will help North Dakota businesses compete with surrounding states – and the Internet.

"I think it's a great idea," Anderson said. "Especially when you can shop 24/7 (on the Internet)."

Anderson said she introduced the bill on behalf of a constituent.

"He contacted me and said, 'I'm annoyed that to buy plumbing supplies on a Sunday morning, I have to drive to Moorhead. Can't you fix this?'" said Anderson. "So I said, 'Sure.'"