Gwinner Bobcat plant to get natural gas service this fall

Aug 20, 2018

Doosan Bobcat North America President Rich Goldsbury at the recent "I Make America Town Hall Tour" in Bismarck.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Natural gas service could be coming this fall to the Bobcat plant in Gwinner.

MDU Resources has been working to bring natural gas to Gwinner from the Alliance Pipeline.

"We expect to be using natural gas in September, although the line won't be completed until probably November," Rich Goldsbury said in an interview.

Goldsbury said he’s also excited about having a broader discussion with communities in that region who haven’t had natural gas service before.

"What we would like MDU to do is work with smaller communities in that area -- Lisbon, Oakes, etc. -- and give them the opportunity to convert to natural gas," Goldsbury said. "It could be an economic engine for that region. That's what we're really excited about."

Goldsbury said that will take a little time – but he thinks there’s already some excitement in that area for natural gas service.