Kalk to leave PSC for a new job with the Energy and Environmental Research Center

Jan 20, 2017

Public Service Commissioners Brian Kalk (l), Randy Christmann and Julie Fedorchak.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Public Service Commissioner Brain Kalk is resigning – to take a job with the Energy and Environmental Research Center, part of UND.

Kalk will become the Director of Energy Systems Development with the EERC.

"The EERC is looking for ways to develop more energy, develop it more efficiently, ways to do it cleaner," Kalk said in an interview with Prairie Public. "There are things out there that need to be environmentally cleaned up. They do a lot of good reseach up there, and a lot of good, practical applications."

Kalk said he sees the new job as having two big roles: One will be to lead and manage the staff, and the second will be to look for opportunities.

"I thing we can do more with coal," Kalk said. "I think we can do more with natural gas. There are challenges wind energy might be facing."

Klak said he can use that information to work with companies, and get them involved with EERC researchers.

"I can talk to these companies, and say, 'Listen -- one thing that's restricting the growth of wind power is this,'" Kalk said. "Then a researcher could help develop solutions that a company can implement."

Kalk has been with the Public Service Commission for eight years. Gov. Doug Burgum will appoint a successor – who will then have to run in the next statewide election to serve out the remainder of Kalk’s six year term.