Olympian Jocelyne Lamoureux ~ Chef Rosey on Beans.

Jocelyne Lamoureax

Thursday, January 11 – UND’s most prominent women’s hockey players of all time are twin sisters Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux. They’re two-time Olympic silver medalists, and now they’re heading back to the Olympics. Jocelyne joins us by phone from Florida. ~~~ It’s been almost a year now since the Dakota Access Pipeline got the go-ahead for completion. On June 1st, the crude oil began flowing, and since then, the pipeline has leaked at least five times, though the spills were relatively small, ranging from a 20 gallon leak in North Dakota to 168 gallons in Illinois. In a story from today’s Takeaway show, reporter Alleen Brown, with The Intercept, shares a closer look at the impact of those spills. ~~~ Commentary from UND professor Mark Trahant on the controversial Trump nominee to head the Indian Health Services, 39-year-old Robert Weaver, a member of Quapaw tribe. ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl of Rosey’s Bistro is here with this week’s food topic. ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our What’s Happening calendar of events.