Riemers officially off the ballot

Sep 4, 2018

State Canvassing Board meets 9/4/18.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

It’s now official – Roland Riemers won’t be on the November ballot.

And that means the Libertarian Party has some work to do before the 2020 election.

Riemers, from Grand Forks, ran for Secretary of State as the lone Libertarian on the primary ballot. He received 247 votes in the count just after the primary election. He needed 300. After that, a recount was ordered by the state Supreme Court. The recount gave him 248 votes.

This meants the Libertarian Party will have no candidates on the November ballot. And that means the Party has work to do if it wants to get back on the ballot.

"They'll have to gather a lot of signatures to get back on the ballot," said Elections Director John Arnold. "That's how they've done it in the past."

How many signatures?

"Seven thousand," Arnold said. "They would have to be gathered before the 64th day before the June 2020 primary to be recognized as a party."

The official end to the June primary occurred on the same day as the filing deadline for the November election.