Transporting the St. John's Bible ~ Quilters Expo ~ Think Globally, Act Locally

Tuesday, May 8 – Another exhibit of the St. John’s Bible has come to North Dakota. The “Gospel & Acts” volume is now on display at St. Gabriel’s Community in Bismarck through May 17th.  Today we visit with David Allen, senior consultant for spiritual care at the Benedictine health system. He’s had the responsibility transporting the exhibit on a tour through the Midwest, and he shares some interesting stories about that journey. ~~~ The Quilters Guild of North Dakota will be holding a quilt expo this weekend. It attracts people from a wide area, and here to tell us about the Metro Quilt Expo is one of the organizers, Virginia Dambach. ~~~ Alexandre Cyusa and Pasteur Mudende are global citizens. Between them, they’ve lived in France, Switzerland, Rwanda, the United States and more. Mudende is an artist and Cyusa is a community builder. Together, they’re writing essays on how to think globally and act locally.