nuclear power

An interim Legislative committee will be studying whether state and local level regulation of radioactive waste is consistent with federal regulations.

The study will look at ensuring the state has proper input into the federal selection of nuclear waste depositories – and how the legislature can be called into special session to deal with the issue.

This comes from concerns in Wells County about a “test hole” to be drilled in the county. Residents there complained they were not told about the test.

ND Legislature

The House Energy and Natural Resources Committee is looking at a bill that would require approval from a county commission and a regional water resource board before any disposal site for out of state nuclear waste is located in a North Dakota county.

Interest in potash? Or in uranium?

Sep 29, 2014

Several years ago, there was a lot of interest in potash deposits in north central North Dakota.

Potash is a popular agricultural fertilizer.

At the time, the interest was driven by price.

"For about 25 years or so, it had been about $100 a ton," said state geologist Ed Murphy. "Then it jumped up to about $1000."

Murphy says that happened in 2007. But he says the 2008 recession caused the price to drop – where it’s now about $300 per ton. Murphy says it appears the interest isn’t as high now. But he says that could change.