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HOWL at the Moon with MAX: A Solar Eclipse Celebration

HOWL at the Moon with MAX: A Solar Eclipse Celebration

On Monday, April 8th, a solar eclipse will take place which means the Moon will pass between the Sun and Earth. While we know you’ll be spending the day (safely!) looking at the Sun, we’ve got an extra special Solar Eclipse Celebration planned for your evening! Let’s howl at the Moon and become our own stars!

We begin our galaxy-gazing adventure with author, MAX, and his original, interactive, and wild story, Wild & the Animal Band. Following the reading (with music!), join us for an hour of art and activities. At the end, we’ll all gather together for a sing-along of the song, “Howl at the Moon.”

MAX! is a real-life North Dakota writer, artist, and musician. He’s the creator of numerous books and the founder of The Little Why Not? Publishing House (https://www.littlewhynot.org/). Many will recognize Max Patzner from his summer art and performance residency in Medora, or his presence among those mischievous trolls at the Norsk Høstfest Scandinavian Festival. Max’s work has scaled from board books to murals (https://artbymaxnd.com/). His workshops encourage young artists and writers to see themselves as creatives with a story to tell.

☀️What does Howl at the Moon with MAX: A Solar Eclipse Celebration entail? 🌙
🌙 4:30 – Live reading of Wild & the Animal Band
🌙 5 PM – Space Stations! (Try one or all! We'll split our time into 20 minute sections. Stay at your station or try something new!)
🚀Lunar Doodles with MAX: What does it mean to be an illustrator? Max will guide you through creating your own sketch which will become part of a special MMPL launch in the future…
🐣Craft Your Own Egg Carton Animal
🪕Recycled Sounds: Make a Musical Instrument
🌿and more!
🌙 6 PM – Gather together for a sing-along of “Howl at the Moon”

This event is for ALL AGES. Everybody’s foot will tappin’ during this celebration of tunes, the moon, adventures on Earth, space exploration, art and illustrations.

Morton Mandan Public Library
04:30 PM - 06:15 PM on Mon, 8 Apr 2024

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Morton Mandan Public Library

Artist Group Info

Max Patzner
Morton Mandan Public Library
609 W. Main Street
Mandan, North Dakota 58554