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Human Progress and Flourishing Workshop | Ben Klutsey

Human Progress and Flourishing Workshop | Ben Klutsey

Ben Klutsey presents, "Polarization and Pluralism: Living Together Amidst Deep Differences" in the Human Progress and Flourishing Workshop. This event is free and open to all members of the NDSU community and the public. The workshop format includes a 40-minute presentation followed by audience Q&A. After the presentation, light food and refreshments will be served in the Challey School of Music Atrium.

What is the talk about?

Over the past few decades, observers have grown increasingly concerned about division in America and some have wondered whether we’re at the brink of civil war. This talk will focus on the nature of polarization, looking at what it is and how it has changed over the past few decades. It will also discuss recent efforts to bridge divides and advance pluralism in an increasingly diverse society.

Who is Ben Klutsey?

Klutsey holds dual roles at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. As the Director of Academic Outreach, he engages with university centers to foster collaborations and knowledge sharing about effective program building. Through his role as Director of the Program on Pluralism and Civil Exchange, he works with thought leaders and practitioners to advance a deeper understanding of pluralism and its role as a core attribute of a liberal society, and to promote its practice across campuses, civil society, and institutions. He received his MA in International Commerce and Policy at George Mason University and his BA in Government and Philosophy from Lawrence University.

What is the Human Progress and Flourishing Workshop?

The Human Progress and Flourishing Workshop invites internationally renowned scholars and speakers from across the country to present research and engage in discussion with the NDSU community. The series focuses on solutions and policies that contribute to opportunity, innovation, and individual and societal flourishing. The workshop is available as a one-credit course (BUSN 491/690) for undergraduate and graduate students. You do not need to be enrolled in the course to attend these events.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can register on Zoom at:

Beckwith Recital Hall
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM on Fri, 16 Feb 2024

Event Supported By

Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth
Beckwith Recital Hall
1511 12th Ave N
Fargo, North Dakota 58102