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Hoeven calls special session for redistricting

By Dave Thompson

Bismarck, ND – North Dakota legislators will be coming to Bismarck shortly after Thanksgiving -- to draw new legislative districts.

Gov. Hoeven is calling a special session to start November 26th -- the Monday after Thanksgiving.A legislative committee is recommending a new map to reduce the number of districts -- from 49 to 47. But that map has drawn complaints from Democrats. The map puts three pairs of Democratic senators in the same districts. They will have to run against each other to stay in the Legislature.

Hoeven says the job of redrawing district boundaries is tough - and not everyone will be happy with it.

"I don't think that the process they've gone through this time is any more or less political in that respect than any other redictricting approach. So, I think they've approached it the same way they always do. And I think they have worked hard to do a good job."

Hoeven says legislative leaders have told him they should be able to wrap up the session in five days.