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Quest says it's being more responsive to customers

By Dave Thompson

Bismarck, ND – Qwest Communications says it was the best third quartter it's seen in at least six years -- in terms of being responsive to customers.

Qwest says customer complaints dropped 34 percent from the same period a year ago. And the company says it has invested about five-billion dollars over the past 16 months to improve service.

Scott McIntosh is Qwest's North Dakota vice-president for legislative matters.

"When we make a commitment to install a telephone line for a customer, we're able to meet that commitment in excess of 98 percent of the time. Same on the repair side -- that when a customer calls and explains they're having a problem with their phone, and we make a commitment to fix that, again around 95 percent of the time, we do it in the time frame that we promised to the customer."

McIntosh says customer satisfaction is key to Qwest's winning approval from state regulators to offer long-distance service in 14 Western states. And he says the company is targeting mid-2002 to start its long distance service to North Dakota.