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Gearing Up For June Elections

By T. McDonald

Bismarck, ND – A pre-game huddle for North Dakota's election officials. Secretary of State Al Jaeger spent Thursday meeting with auditors and other election officials from the county level. Along with reviewing rule changes and ballots for the June elections, Jaeger says the day also provided the chance to meet with what he jokingly calls "casualties of redistricting?"
"The main thing with June is this will be the first time that we'll be having elections under the new legislative districts. And that in itself does create challenges, for the first time, compared to what we've had the last ten years. In some cases we will need new ballots, different ballots, additional ballots, just because of that restructuring."
He says there's still a lot of coordination to be done before the election actually takes place. From here, Jaeger says the officials will return to their individual counties and continue training election workers. In all he says it takes about four-thousand people to make it all happen on election day.