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Crews Working to Restore Electricy in Coleharbor

By T.McDonald

Coleharbor, ND – Officials with Otter Tail Power Company say this week's damage to the electrical system in Coleharbor is a good indicator of the magnitude of the storm that marched through the community.
"...We had some damage to the substation there... a couple of voltage regulators wound up upside down, even on the ground. And then there are a half-dozen transmission poles between Coleharbor and Underwood substation that were on the ground... poles and lines were on the ground... And then most of the distribution system in the town of Coleharbor was on the ground."
Cris Kling is Director of Public Relations for Ottertail Power Company. She says some 90 customers are without power in the Coleharbor area. Kling says the company has brought in crews and equipment from nearly a dozen locations to help restore the system.
"...And if things go well, then every home that is able to receive electricity should have electrical service by tonight or Saturday at the latest. But some of the homes were so extensively damaged that we had to ask the state electrical inspector to determine which homes could receive service when it's ready, and which could not. Some won't be able to."
Kling says there are also safety concerns for the area, and she advises people to stay clear on any downed power lines - even if they appear to be dead. Kling says it could take a couple weeks before any dollar figure can be attached to the damage.