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New web site connects job seekers, employers

By Dave Thompson

Bismarck, ND – Job Service-North Dakota has revamped a Web site to connect job seekers with potential employers.

The site is called "" It currently lists 14,000 jobs open in North Dakota, and 10,000 job-seekers have posted resumes on the site.

Job Service director Maren Daley says it's the most powerful job search site in North Dakota -- and one of the reasons is the use of so-called "spidering" technology.

"The job spidering technology enables the web site to pull in job openings from other corporate Web sites and private job boards," said Daley. "Someone looking for a job in North Dakota only has to come to one place. Then, if they want to look at one of those 'spidered' job openings on our Web site, they can click on it and go back to the original Web site, where it came from."

Daley says the site also has a virtual "recruiter" feature -- where someone who registers as a job-seeker could be notified via e-mail of certain openings.