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'Pathways to Success' hits a few bumps

A couple of “bumps in the road” have appeared regarding the “Pathways to Success” model adopted by the Board of Higher Education under former chancellor Ham Shirvani.

The model set up expectations for students coming into the state’s colleges and universities. Acting Chancellor Larry Skogen says the Board and the college presidents still support the plan. But Skogen says he’s found that some of the board’s policies don’t fit with the Pathways plan.

"My guess is, over the past year those would have been brought into line," Skogen said. "But as you know, we had a very busy year in higher education. There was a Legislative session, and we've had a lot of turmoil in higher ed. And some policies did not keep up."

Skogen says he sees this as a clean-up process.

"We get folks together," said Skogen "We look at Pathways, and make sure our policies are in line with it."

Skogen also says since the Pathways plan was adopted, the new Superintendent of Public Instruction, Kirsten Baesler, has adopted a new high school student assessment – and he wants to make sure it meshes with the University System.

"I think it's really important that we've aligned with academic preparation that goes on in K-12, with what the expectations are in Higher Education," said Skogen.

The Board will take a look at the specific policies at its September meeting.

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