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ND counties may need some financial assistance for snow removal


Some state lawmakers are looking at potential financial help for cities and counties who have spent a lot of money on snow removal this winter.

"We're just being pro-active here," said Senate Minority Leader Joan Heckaman (D-New Rockford). "We want to make sure all opportunities while we're in session are made available to counties, cities and townships because of the intense winter we've had."

Heckaman said the snowplows have faced a lot of issues with the heavy snows some areas of North Dakota have received.

"Large snowbanks and extra snow removal come with costs, and we want to make sure those costs are being taken care of," Heckaman said.

Heckaman said the counties are having their emergency managers do surveys, to see what the costs are. She said that information will come to the state Disaster Emergency Services office.

"That's so the Governor can determine whether he needs to declare an emergency," Heckaman said. "After that's done, we'll see if we need any more funding before we leave the session."

Gov. Doug Burgum said local governments would have to declare emergencies, to start the process.

"We do have money in the disaster relief fund," Burgum said. "If certain conditions are met, there may be monies made available."


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