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Wind project moves out of Burleigh County, to Emmons and/or Logan County


A wind farm that had been proposed for Morton Township in Burleigh County will now be built in Emmons and-or Logan counties.

The wind farm -- proposed by PNE Wind USA -- was the subject of some controversy. A number of township residents fought the wind farm, and siting was denied.

PNE Wind USA sold its interest in that ill-fated project to NextEra Energy.

"We want to do the right thing with wind energy, and put it in the right places," said Rep. Mike Brandenburg (R-Edgeley), who has long been a wind power advocate. The wind farm’s original site is in his district, as are Emmons and Logan Counties.

Brandenburg said he had been opposed to PNE’s site. But he’s supporting NextEra’s plan.

"I have six counties in my district," Brandeburg said. "Five of them are looking for new development and jobs. You have to have jobs for young people to stay there, and these definitely bring in jobs. It's welcome."

There is an existing wind farm, called the Emmons-Logan Wind Energy Center, that has 123 turbines. The new wind farm has not yet been sited.

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