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K-12 Coordinating Council meets for the first time

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

It’s called the K-12 Coordination Council.

The Council actually replaces the Education Technology Council. Its mission is to find areas of collaboration among schools, and to identify gaps and duplications in services.

It held its first meeting in Bismarck.

"Excellence is a team sport," Gov. Doug Burgum told the Council. "Innovation is a team sport. Being number one in the country in education is going to require a team sport."

Burgum said it's an opportunity for working together to accomplish things "that maybe haven't been accomplished before."

"There are perceived gaps, and of educational silos," said Council member Dr. Brian Duchscherer of Carrington. "Sometimes each entity is diligently working in their particular area, and some of those areas could cross over."

Duchscherer said the Council may be able to achieve the goals of getting those different entities to work together, in a way that's best for students.

North Dakota United president Nick Archuleta is also on the Council. He thinks it’s a good idea to constantly reviewing what the state is doing in education – to make the necessary student-centered changes.

"What I'm hoping for is a consolidated view of what education can and should be in North Dakota," Archuleta said. "We may be able to address issues related to duplication of services, so we get a stream-lined version that is a very good value for the taxpayers of North Dakota, and terrific for the educational opportunities for North Dakota students."

The Council will meet at least four times per year.

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