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State Health Officer Mylynn Tufte resigns


State health officer Mylynn Tufte has resigned.

She’s been with the Burgum Administration for the past three years.

Gov. Doug Burgum said Tufte will leave June 1, and return to private practice. At his Capitol briefing Wednesday, Burgum praised Tufte.

"She's been terrific through this whole (coronavirus) thing," Burgum said. "She's been tireless in her energy, in doing one of the biggest jobs in the state. She's doing it with a lot of poise."

Burgum has named Dr. Andrew Stahl as the interim state health officer. He’s also named UND Medical School dean Dr. Josh Wynne as the state’s chief health strategist. Wynne will split his time between the two jobs. And Burgum said the state’s chief operating officer, Tammy Miller, will help manage the Health Department.

"As the chief health strategist, Wynne will work with the Department to create a vision and a strategy for developing a world class enterprise, in partnership with lots of folks," Burgum said.

That would include the North Dakota University System, public health organizations, private sector partners, federal programs and tribal governments.

"When you have a period of disruption, it creates an opportunity for innovation," Burgum told Capitol reporters. "When you have a period of great disruption, like we're having now,  it demands innovation."

Tufte will remain in an advisory role for three weeks.

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