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Dickinson State University updating its strategic plan

Dickinson State University has launched a new strategic planning effort that will cover the next five years.

DSU’s current five year strategic plan is expiring.

"I will admit that it is not unusual for a new president to ask the campus to take a look at its plans," DSU President Stephen Easton said. He said this comes at an exciting time for the University.

"We have actually added by head count over 90 students this semester," Easton said in an interview. "We had the highest increase in enrollment in the North Dakota University System, both by raw number and by percentage."

Easton said it makes it a good time to make some decisions about what the priorities will be in the next half-decade or so.

Easton said DSU is the only four year institution in western North Dakota, and he said a key going forward is access. He said DSU’s dual mission will also open up opportunities for students.

Easton said there is some disagreement on campus about another area, which he calls “high-flex,” which involves more online course offerings.

"This is so we can have access remotely for students who otherwise couldn't get to Dickinson in the future," Easton said. "So there are lots of things happening right now at Dickinson State."

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