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UND Student asks peers "How has COVID impacted you?"

University of North Dakota

A Masters student at University of North Dakota is asking her fellow students, what kind of impact has the COVID pandemic had on their lives…

"...So the survey has questions as far as like where are students spending the most of their time, who does the student live with -- as far as, are they alone, roommates, do they live on campus/off campus. And then kind of more in detail, that financially, if COVID-19 has affecfted them personally, or their families. And then we also ask questions about facemasks, as far as do they always wear then or do they only wear them when required."

Shelby Brossart initiated the survey. She says UND students have until the 31st to take the survey. She is hoping a possible 25-percent of the campus takes part, and has been a bit surprised by the initial response…

"it went live yesterday, (Wednesday) so in the first day we got over 40 responses. It doesn't sound like a lot.  But it's more than I expected for the first day, for sure."

Brossart says she is hoping to have the final results of the survey tabulated by mid-November.

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