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University of North Dakota

  • This date in 1914 began a two-day pageant at the University of North Dakota. With UND hosting the annual meeting of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association, students honored the convocation with their presentation of “A Pageant of the Northwest” at the Bankside Theater along a bend of the English Coulee.
  • On this date in 1925, the University of North Dakota's student newspaper, The Dakota Student, ran this article about the university library: “At one time classed as one of the largest collections of its kind in the country, the collection of Scandinavian literature in the University library now consists of 4,500 volumes, and includes all kinds of Norwegian, Icelandic, and Swedish books and magazines, according to A. D. Keator, librarian.”
  • On this date in 1913, The Student, UND's student newspaper, reported on the installation ball of Phi Delta Theta, a new fraternity.
  • On this date in 1968, the University of North Dakota's student newspaper, The Dakota Student, revealed a bombshell – “Iron Mask exists.”
  • It's called "The Mountains and Plains University Innovation Alliance."
  • In 1925, the Founder's Day convocation at UND featured a lecture by Dr. J.J. Cornelius titled “The Religions of India.” The lecture was sponsored by Wesley College, which began as a Methodist school in Wahpeton in 1891 under the original name Red River Valley University. Twenty years later, in 1905, at the invitation of UND president Merrifield, it relocated next to UND in Grand Forks and was renamed Wesley College.
  • Around this time in February 1925 at the University of North Dakota, student editors of the 1926 Dacotah yearbook were putting their final touches on their work. The University's student newspaper reported that the book would include an epic poem that, in the editor's words, "approaches anything ever written by Longfellow or any of the rest of the immortals.” The writers of the poem were members of the yearbook staff, but they were characterized by the paper as the "noted campus poet laureate," Diplodocus.
  • This week in 1913, students at the University of North Dakota were writing their final exams for the fall semester of 1912. Some of these classes were offered by the Sociology Department.
  • Around this time in 1925 at the University of North Dakota, the editorial staff of the 1926 Dacotah yearbook would have been hard at work. January 15 was the deadline for the mock-ups for each section. January 15 was also the deadline for student organizations to reserve space. Balloting for the Who's Who's section was set for January 19.
  • UND has hired Robert Kraus as the new Dean of UND Aerospace.Kraus is currently the associate dean for flight and operations at Kent State University in…