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House approves 3-cent increase in gasoline taxes


The House has voted to raise the gasoline tax by three cents a gallon.

The tax would increase from 23 cents to 26 cents. It is projected to raise another $44 million over the next two years, with the money going toward roads and bridges.

Supporters said the tax is more of a “user fee” for those who use the highways.

"What's more fair than the people that are using the product having to pay for it?" Rep. Jon Nelson (R-Rugby) said. "This is a very, very modest increase, and it's time to do it."

But Rep. Larry Bellew (R-Minot) argued this is not the time to be raising taxes.

"We are still going through and unprecedented pandemic, where many have lost their jobs," Bellew said. "A state and federal gas tax increase will impact lower and middle income citizens much more than the well-to-do."

Bellew said he expects the federal gas tax to be increased by 15 cents a gallon.

The bill also raises road user fees for electric cars from $120 to $200, on hybrids from $50 to $100, and on electric motorcycles from $20 to $50.

The measure passed 61 to 32. It will now be considered in the Senate.

The measure is HB 1464.

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