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North Dakota Department of Human Services is offering a Recovery Housing Assistance Program

People struggling with addiction can now receive housing assistance through the North Dakota Department of Human Services’ Recovery Housing Assistance Program. James Knopik, addiction and prevention program and policy manager for the behavioral health division, says individuals working towards recovery can get 12 weeks of their rent at a recovery house paid for.

"That way, people have the opportunity to live in a stable environment as they start their recovery journey and can receive support from other people who are working towards recovery from addiction issues in a safe, stable environment. "

Blessed Builders Ministry of Bismarck and All of Us in Recovery in Minot are the first two providers of recovery housing in the program.

"After those twelve weeks, somebody could choose tp stay at the program and then pay rent on their own until they've achieved some stability in their life and feel confident in pursuing independent living."

The program hopes to help around 200 people at this time.

"Housing can be a very difficult thing for people to deal with. It can be a barrier, a roadblock to individuals as they are working towards recovery. So, this program is really designed to help people have stability in that area in their life so that they can focus on what they need to in their addiction recovery journey."