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Dem-NPL candiate for US House suspending his campaign

Mark Haugen
Dave Thompson
Mark Haugen

The Democratic-endorsed candidate for North Dakota’s lone US House seat will be suspending his campaign – after getting some pressure from some party members.

Mark Haugen of Bismarck was endorsed at the Party's convention. Haugen is opposed to abortion.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade, some in the party have called for him to step down. A motion was made at a party executive committee meeting to remove him as the House candidate, but that failed.

Now, Cara Mund of Bismarck is filing petitions to run as an independent for the House seat. She is pro-choice.

At a news conference at his home, Haugen said he had been receiving a number of calls and texts, asking him to step aside – including from former US Senator Kent Conrad and former Congressman Earl Pomeroy.

"When Kent Conrad and Earl Pomeroy call you, on a Saturday morning, you listen," Haugen said.

Haugen said he and his wife decided to sleep on it – but then the next day chose to suspend the campaign.

"There is probably not an avenue for me to continue, to win this campaign," Haugen said. "I get into this to fight, and work the hardest that we can, and I just didn't see a path, if I don't have key party support."

Haugen said he is concerned that the Democratic Party is no longer a "big tent" party.

"We're Non-Partisan Leaguers and the Democrats, fighting together, and not always agreeing on everything," Haugen said. "In the end, we'll stick, we'll win. But today, I don't know."

Haugen said he hopes and believes the Party will become an inclusive party, that accepts all views.

The party chairman – Patrick Hart – said he still thinks the Democrats have a “big tent.” And at the same news conference, he praised Haugen for making the difficult decision.

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