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ND airline passenger boardings up — but still behind pre-COVID numbers

North Dakota’s commercial airports report 94,620 airline passenger boardings in October.

That’s a 9 percent increase from October, 2021.

State aeronautics commission executive director Kyle Wanner said that’s still about 7 percent lower than pre-pandemic numbers.

"To be honest, I feel like we'd already be there, if the airlines were able to add the capacity the demand is actually showing," Wanner said.

Wanner said many flights from North Dakota are already at or near capacity.

"We'd love to see additional flights added," Wanner said. "But it's difficult times for the workforce and the shortages we're seeing out there."

Wanner said in time, he expects that issue to be resolved. He also said with the holiday travel season, he's urging passengers to be prepared for crowds.

"If you know you're traveling, get the tickets ahead of time, and make sure you get to the airport alt least an hour and a half prior to the flight, to make sure you get the bags and the boarding passes, get through TSA screening, and be ready to board the flights," Wanner said.

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