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Oil and gas production rebounded in January, after a stormy December

North Dakota’s oil and natural gas production rebounded in January, after oil production dropped below the million-barrel-a day mark during a stormy December.

In his monthly “Director’s Cut” briefing, state mineral resources director Lynn Helms said January oil production averaged 1,060.708 barrels per day – up 6 percent from December's 957,864 barrels per day.

"We all know what happened in December," Helms said. "It was weather-related, with severe winter weather and extreme cold."

Helms said the weather improved by the second week of January.

"The last half of January and most of February has pretty good weather," Helms said.

North Dakota Pipeline Authority director Justin Kringstad says natural gas production was up more than 7 percent in January, compared with December.

In December, 81,948,643 MCF were produced. That number rose to 87,871,026 MCF in January.

Kringstad said February is also looking good for oil and gas.

"A couple of weeks ago, OneOK had its fourth quarter earnings report," Kringstad said. "It reported that in February — and we don't have those numbers officially yet — they saw records in their North Dakota system for gas capture, and gas flowing through the system."

Kringsta said given the magnitude of the company's North Dakota footprint, if that is consistent with other companies, the state should be at record gas volumes. He said that means some strength in oil production.

"Crude oil numbers are potentially back above the 1.1 million barrel per day rate," Kringstad said.

Currently, North Dakota is capturing 95 percent of the natural gas.

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