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Budget Section OKs two road projects

Sweeney;Skip C.

The Legislature’s Budget Section has approved two road projects, with funds from the “flexible transportation fund.”

That fund consists of money from the motor vehicle excise tax, and from the strategic improvement and investment fund.

One of the projects would be a reconstruction of North Dakota 49 from Heart Butte to Glen Ullin.

"We're looking to make improvements that will widen the road and eliminate the weight restrictions, so it would be legal weights instead of seven tons," State Transportation Director Ron Henke told the Budget Section.

The estimated cost of that project — $19.1 million.

The second project is a reconstruction of North Dakota 14 from I-94 to Wing.

"We frequently use this road to move large, oversized loads that can't travel on I-94 to US 83 going north," Henke said. "It currently has a seven ton seasonal load restriction. The improvement would get us to legal weights again."

The cost estimate is $27 million.

Both projects would be done in 2024.

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