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Burgum no fan of the proposal to eliminate local property taxes

Gov.r Doug Burgum is not a supporter of the proposed initiated Constitutional measure to do away with local property taxes.

"I can't imagine a bigger disaster for the state of North Dakota, than to try to 'fix' property tax by having no fix in the cost of local government, and just change who pays the bill," Burgum said.

Burgum said there is no such thing as property tax relief, if local subdivisions get to decide how much they spend, while somebody else pays for it.

"Think about it — you're going to dinner, and people can order whatever they want," Burgum said. "But somebody else is going to get stuck with the tab."

Burgum said all it does is shift the burden.

"It should be called the 'Statewide Cross-Subsidy for Who Pays the Burden for Local Government Bill," Burgum said.

Local government organizations have opposed the measure, saying that it would usurp local control.

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